“All I have to say is this, straight and simple… Dr. Iverson and his staff are TOP NOTCH!!! I have been to many health professionals and never have been received with such kindness and focused attention.”

D.J. Seattle, WA

“I strongly suggest Dr. Iverson's entire colon cleanse to anyone who feels sluggish and tired or feels a general malaise throughout his or her day. I had the need to drink coffee and energy drinks to get me through the mornings and afternoons. I had the urge to indulge in big meals and then felt worse after I ate. Dr. Iverson's cleanse, working in combination with individualized tips and pointers, allowed me to feel lighter on my feet, energetic and focused from the moment I wake in the morning!”

J.P. Scottsdale, AZ

"I have lived the majority of my life eating very unhealthy and unnatural foods. However, after my medical visit with you, I realized that I may be causing harm that I wasn’t able to see such as the breakdown of my teeth and bones. I knew that changing my diet would be difficult for someone like me. My taste buds desired foods that were highly flavored. All I wanted to eat was fast food. I was simply addicted to it."

D.H. Lacey, WA

“After years of coping with my heart burn, I was so pleasantly surprised that after one treatment recommended by Dr. Iverson my symptoms went away. The supplements he suggested started to work almost immediately, and since it was such a natural remedy I also felt safe taking it.”

J.S. Seattle, WA

“I have been struggling against addiction for most of my life. Addictions to sugar like chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food. Dr. Iverson put together a program for me based on my own personal chemistry. Although it was difficult at first, I have gained new clarity and energy unlike I had from the all the sugar I depended on. I am still smoking, but down to only 3 cigarettes a day, compared to a half pack from before.”

L.C. Lakewood, WA

“The pain in my joints was at times so intense it impacted how I was able to work and enjoy life. I was referred by a family member that had great success in relieving their chronic allergies and they were pleased to also lose a considerable amount of weight. My chemistry indicated I was in a state of inflammation. After a few weeks my hands have full mobility and strength, something I had almost forgotten about!”

S.B. Tacoma, WA

“My wife and I were both in trouble. We had elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars. Thankfully, Dr. Iverson is the kind of doctor that saw the problems that awaited us before they became destructive. He urged us to be proactive and change our lives. WE DID…three months later we have lab tests that are optimal and I am telling everyone!”

B.B. Yelm, WA

“First of all, I want to say that I am so thankful and feel blessed and guided to have come upon TRILIUM HEALTH and Dr. Iverson. I was having such fatigue from insomnia and female related problems. After our first appointment we discovered together that the source was really nothing physical but a complete response to stress in my work and home life. Just being aware of that I was able to change the way I was responding to my environment. Now, I’m sleeping like a baby and waking up ready to GO!”

E. F. Tacoma, WA

"My entire life I have been constipated having just one bowel movement every 3-4 days. Within one week I became regular having daily bowel movements. Besides this I noticed I did not have heartburn after eating anymore. People at work started to tell me that my body looked tone and my skin was clearer than they ever remember. I was in a better mood too. I’m not sure if that was because I was receiving so many compliments or I was having better brain chemistry."

D.H. Auburn, WA

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