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Nature called me since birth.  My earliest memories are of tugging along my metal red wagon and stomping around the yard in my black and red barn boots collecting rocks, sticks, and other simple treasures.  Life placed me into loving families where both sides were naturalists and farmers and I had the rare opportunity to grow up on hundreds of acres of undeveloped land to explore.   The breath of Nature daily permeated my Being.

When I was making that oh-so-valuable decision on what to be someday when I grow up… naturopathic medicine unexpectedly chose me. My parents raised us with organic gardens and a healthy lifestyle, although naturopathy was not a part of our understanding.   When it was first introduced to me, however, it was like a long lost friend that I embraced and never let go. 

Much has transpired since those decades past.  Although I am a naturopathic physician now by trade and I have seen thousands of patients, I feel as if my profession only enhanced that who I already was, rather than define it.  I have a deeper reverence for the Spirit of Life now more than I have ever; and it only grows with time and experience. 


With deep respect I have had the opportunity to witness the great miracles delivered to my patients through the healing power of Nature.  I have seen so many people who thought their condition was hopeless or untreatable, only to see them gain a great sense of vitality, physical strength and mental confidence as they adopted “Nature’s Diet” and other sound health principles.  It has been my dream to open peoples’ eyes by teaching about the healing potential that is available to each one of us- and my profession has allowed me to do just that. 

I have been a bookworm since I was a boy reading the Encyclopedia Britannica one volume at a time.  Today I still find my nose buried deep into the medical literature to uncover the latest medical findings revealed in cutting edge health research.  From these studies and through my own personal experience unfolded the books in the Nature’s Diet and Nature’s Detox series.  I offer them to people everywhere as educational tools to benefit our health and well-being.   I especially feel we must teach our youth so they can build strong bodies and minds and they may avoid the diseases by which their parents and grandparents suffered.

My love of Nature has taken me on quests all over the planet exploring the extreme corners of the world.  I have treated people in need and educated local communities on how to live a healthier life with the medicine Nature provides.   During these medical outreaches I am gifted in return with the most endearing of appreciation, the best payment one could receive.  I am especially honored when local healers will share with me their ancient medical wisdom which has been passed onto them for generations. 

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